• As experts in our respective fields we allow teams and groups to focus on what needs to change or be enhanced. We develop customized solutions for your business by asking a lot of questions and having in-depth consultations with you.

    Here’s what we have on offer

Custom-Made Solutions

As experts in our respective fields we allow teams and groups to focus on their personal and professional sustainable growth. To do this, we offer individually tailored approaches and tools to prepare, implement and follow-up on your event.

At Lebenskunst, we make current know-how and research findings accessible, applicable and understandable through hands-on training sessions. By working in direct contact with those responsible for the workshop and in pre-interviews with participants, we identify learning objectives, unresolved issues and needs. Only then do we sit down and develop a plan customized to your fit your needs. We don’t just focus on the transfer of knowledge in a training: we want your company to benefit in the long term. In order to guarantee sustainable learning success, we use fun and unique exercises and an all-round approach in all of our events. Change and learning are both “experienced” in a positive light and people leave our events motivated and energized.


“Together with Whitney, we developed and rolled out a program to increase our employees’ resilience and robustness when dealing with stressful work situations. Since then, more than 150 inspired employees have taken part in individually tailored workshops and training sessions. As a trainer, consultant and business coach, Whitney demonstrated excellent specialist competency, a great amount of creativity and a strong ability to win over and impress people. She inspired us with ease and sustainability. Due to her ability, she was successful in getting employees to tackle mental health topics with an open-minded approach. In many respects, her cultural background and linguistic capabilities enabled her to positively include participants in the program when it came to discussing what for some were very personal subject matters.”

(The client name and company cannot be published for legal reasons. Thank you for your understanding.)

Examples of Customized Solutions

We can and should learn from experience. This applies to life in general as well as project management.

The aim of Lessons Learned is to systematically collect, assess and document all acquired insights, lessons, do’s & don’ts and new knowledge. Only in this way can we ensure that “collected” experiences are used and applied effectively in future.

According to Edward de Bono, the brain is not designed to ignore existing ways of thinking. It also has an evolutionary advantage to quickly follow existing thought processes.

It is difficult for most people to stray from the beaten path. Creativity techniques encourage really new ideas and thinking outside of the box. They are a useful way of developing new, diverse ideas in a targeted, creative atmosphere and also to develop ideas in a certain direction. After all, anyone wanting to have the winning idea needs lots of ideas to choose from.

“In a conflict the first step is naming
the pink elephant in the room.”

Sometimes teamwork or a project team can result in a crisis, conflict or an icy or heated environment. In these instances, it can be extremely helpful to consult professional, external advice from someone who is neutral and well-equipped for all weather conditions within a team.

Facilitators who objectively observe arguments or tension within a team are essential in situations of conflict. We support you and your team through these difficult phases by bringing unspoken issues to light, searching for a mutual solution together and reaching agreements on how the team can help to pull together again.

How can we optimally support you throughout your change process? As a long-term approach, we offer tailored training sessions for change managers. We also provide smaller, short-term solutions to assist you in the meantime. Here is a short selection of such options:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Change impact analysis
  • Stakeholder kick-off workshop
  • Stakeholder interviews and awareness training
  • Executive sponsorship training
  • Resistance analysis and a corresponding management plan from diverse stakeholders
  • Planning and facilitation of events and interventions
  • Lessons learned for the change and project team
  • Rollout of sustainable measures

Forrest Gump said “If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you’ve arrived?” Where is your team or your department going? Where do you want to be in XX years? How are you going to get there? What is important to you? What values will shape your path? How will you know when you’ve arrived? What criteria will help you recognize your target state?

We have a wide range of methods and techniques to help you. We work creatively, interactively and with foresight to shape your future together with you.

The exchange of knowledge and experience between mentors and mentees is priceless for a company, since such a program is invaluable, motivating and inspiring for both parties.

We can help you to roll out a comprehensive mentoring program (from selection process to final Lessons Learned) or make a contribution whereby we design and facilitate special events and workshops. Here are a few examples:

  • Selection of mentees
  • Training for mentors (what does it mean to be a mentor? Coaching vs. consulting? Role and responsibilities? …)
  • Training for mentees (What can I ask? What is a no-go? How do I prepare such a meeting? How long does such a program last? …)
  • Kick-off events to bring mentees and mentors together
  • Small bites sessions for mentees to build concrete skills throughout the mentoring process

Do you pay special attention to cabin crew safety announcements before taking off in a plane? What should you do when oxygen masks fall in the event of a loss of cabin pressure? What should you do first?

a) Attend to others first, then attend to yourself?
b) Attend to yourself first before attending to anybody else?
c) Or order another Bloody Mary from the flight attendant?

The answer is first (b), then (a) followed by (c).
Attend to yourself first, then help others requiring assistance.

Our tailored stress and self-management workshops equip you with the tools and methods required to create space and focus clearly. We help you learn how to structure your work, set priorities, say no, remain focussed in the event of uncertainties and keep calm when things get out of control. After careful clarification of tasks we create a plan to give you the tools to help you achieve the work-life balance you need to feel happy, healthy and focussed.

Depending on the team and event objective, we offer various concepts and event ideas for team building measures and activities. We enjoy developing individual formats and solutions based on the requirements of you, your team and your objectives.

Team building measures and activities can be used at a number of corporate and company events, as team building incentives or events for your business at meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences.

You’ll be impressed by our planning and implementation skills.

We highly recommend our partner, Michael Tighe,
from virtual-teamwork.com when it comes to this topic.

Michael is an expert in the area of “virtual teams” and
management of virtual teams” with many years
of international experience.

You can find more information here:

Examples of Core Competencies

Lebenskunst will be happy to advise you on how you can design and deliver individual, successful training and coaching for your management team. Upon request, we can create customized coaching plans as well as international programs in German and English.

“Positive leadership” is based on the idea that “satisfied people achieve more than unsatisfied people” and is a management style derived from positive psychology.

Project Management has been on the market for about the last 35 years. During this time span it has been refined and more and more elaborate tools have been developed to help track and keep projects on schedule and in budget.

The term resilience covers all of the strengths that people use to handle life in good and bad situations. It is about consciously utilizing our own skills and individual resources, which everybody to a certain extent already has, more effectively in everyday life as well as giving weaker, less observed success factors more attention in future.

Intercultural training promotes the development of cross-cultural competence and is aimed at people who work overseas or in international teams, organizations and projects, for example.

The well-known saying “think outside the box” is easier said than done. In the hectic world we live in today – with phones ringing, constant access to emails and other communication channels – it’s quite challenging to mentally relax and focus on what you want to achieve.

Expand your range of presentation and rhetoric tools by

  • organizing content in a way that makes sense
  • keeping sight of your goals when structuring the content of your presentation

Constructive feedback from colleagues, employees, managers and even customers is a gift. It allows us to view ourselves as an outsider do and work on our weaknesses.

Real teamwork is often lacking in many companies. Team members often stumble unknowingly into typical pitfalls of human error or bad habits. These pitfalls are characterised as “the five illnesses” and are highly contagious for a team if not addressed proactively.