Change Management

Project Management has been on the market for about the last 35 years. During this time span it has been refined and more and more elaborate tools have been developed to help track and keep projects on schedule and in budget. And yet why is it that so many projects are way over budget, seriously behind schedule or that when do finally arrive at their end goal they first then realize that they don’t have any stakeholders on board?

One main reason is that many projects fail to involve, pick up or simply inform the stakeholders at the right point in the project and using the right communication channels. These projects sadly underestimate the power the stakeholders can have on achieving the project goals and how detrimental it can be to sustainable implementation if these stakeholders resist the change you’re striving to implement.

In this two day training (less than two days makes no sense at all!) we will show you how to:

  • Develop a compelling case for change
  • Assess stakeholders and the criticality of their support
  • Gauge what phase of change your stakeholders are in and what you can do to help them move on
  • Build your personal resilience to get through change more healthily
  • Learn about how imperative the active, visible support of executive sponsorship is
  • Align executive sponsors and build a sponsorship coalition
  • Assess the willingness to change in your organization
  • Conduct a change impact analysis
  • Set up an effective communication and event plan
  • Plan early for employee resistance
  • Collect feedback at the end of a change initiative and make any necessary corrective measures

As an additional module to this training we offer a 2-day Functional Leadership Training for project leaders. We’ll be happy to supply you with more details and information upon request.

These are the individual specialists for change management

Whitney Breer

Nicole Dargent