Giving and receiving effective feedback

Constructive feedback from colleagues, employees, managers and even customers is a gift. If we take it seriously and it delivered appropriately, we can profit from it immensely. It allows us to view ourselves as an outsider does and work on our blind spots. Providing feedback in such a way as to improve a situation and receiving it in a way that doesn’t damage, but rather enhances, our self-image is the key. And this is what our trainings in this area are about.

In training sessions we often hear “When I give my opinion to other people they are quickly offended”. The consequence is: Many people sweep their feedback under the carpet and prefer to say nothing. On the other hand, managers often say: “Nobody ever gives me their opinion any more – how am I supposed to know what my employees want?” Our workshops and training sessions will enable you to effectively give and receive feedback.

Our feedback training is based on a communication model created by Marshall Rosenberg: the four-step nonviolent communication methodology. These four steps are essential for providing valuable feedback and helping the recipient to NOT feel attacked or threatened. These four seemingly simple steps have a lot to offer! Feedback training requires a minimum of two teaching days with a follow-up event a few months later. Only then can change be positive and sustainable.

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