Developing and maintaining healthy teams

Real teamwork is often lacking in many companies. Team members often stumble unknowingly into typical pitfalls of human error or bad habits. These pitfalls are characterised as “the five illnesses” and are highly contagious for a team if not addressed proactively.

These five illnesses are directly interrelated and only one of them needs to be present in a team to make teamwork really tough, frustrating or downright demotivating.

Similar to a chain that breaks once a link is missing, teamwork is hindered as soon as just one of these illnesses spreads:

Lebenskunst helps you and your team learn how to tackle to these obstacles, to address them and to discover options for improvement based on your situation. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you!

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PS.: Do you know which illnesses teams suffer from the most?

In 2012, a survey of 12,000 teams was carried out, analysing “the five diseases”. 65% of teams surveyed were placed in the red zone of the fourth disease: avoiding holding each other accountable. This disease primarily spreads when team members are uncomfortable with criticizing their peers and when they avoid holding difficult conversations. Successful teams have learned to overcome these inhibitions and venture into the “danger zone”.

(Source: The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. 2012 Jossey-Bass Publishers.)

These are the individual specialists for healthy teams

Whitney Breer

Sabine Renner

Ian Christie

Nicole Dargent