Intercultural training

Intercultural training promotes the development of cross-cultural competence and is aimed at people who work overseas or in international teams, organizations and projects, for example. Your employees and management will be prepared for interaction with people from different countries and cultural circles to minimize tension on the job.

An interculturally competent person is someone who recognizes and understands the perceptions, mindset, feelings and way of working of people from foreign cultures. Past experiences are free from judgement and broadened, while a sense of openness and learning remains during intercultural contact.

Our training sessions and workshops focus on:

  • Professional competence (e.g. everyday competence, country or culture-specific knowledge)
  • Social competence (e.g. empathy, communication competence, expression and incultural team skills)

In order to professionally develop these skills, the content is divided into two main categories: General cultural and country-specific culture

This can be useful for individuals as well as teams, particularly if they are experiencing intercultural conflict.

These are the individual specialists for intercultural training

Whitney Breer

Ian Christie

Michael A. Tighe

Nicole Dargent