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  • Custom-Made Solutions

    Creativity techniques, Facilitation in difficult situations, Mentoring, Teambuilding, Management development, Positive leadership, Change management, Resilience, Intercultural training, Presentation techniques, Giving feedback …

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  • Instruments

    Insights Discovery
    DiSC assessment
    Myers Briggs Type Indicator
    EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

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  • Coaching

    Business Coaching
    Well-Being Focused Coaching
    Wingwave Coaching

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    A breath of fresh air for your events.
    Agility and vitality
    Motivation and passion.

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L e b e n s k u n s t

Customized Solutions for Unique Customers

Employee motivation: this is what we are all about. We enjoy enabling employees to put into practice what they have learned, to become and remain mentally and physically fit, to see things from different angles and to discover new opportunities for themselves and the company.

We lay the foundation for our training sessions by addressing different learning styles and needs. We believe that people learn most effectively if they are actively involved and tackle concepts themselves. From our point of view, PowerPoint presentations simply lead to boredom and frustration – and thus, a loss of time and money.

At Lebenskunst, we firmly believe that these resources are too costly to be wasted. We strive for creative, individual approaches, a relaxed learning environment and empathetic, professional trainings which stimulate the brain, increase motivation and break down learning barriers. We help lay the foundation for successful, sustainable learning and transferring this knowledge to the workplace.

Our training and support team is culturally diverse, multilingual, highly skilled, creative, customer-oriented and internationally experienced. Let us surprise you!

We look forward to working with you.


“I had the opportunity to participate in a modular leadership training facilitated by Whitney Beer. Prior to the training I asked myself – Why did I need to learn? What was wrong with the way I was currently leading my team? Will I ultimately learn something new here? I also had the dreaded thought – I’m way too busy to sit in a week of training. The training included international colleagues with a variety of fluency levels in English and Whitney quickly laid the foundation. I was immediately engaged with her presentation style and material! It was evident that she was prepared, had researched our company, and understood our company’s training goals. Her training helped me to not only see why it is important to have a team that is built on trust, but useful information on how to build that trust. As managers we can be quick to jump to conclusions on what we think will work or what our individual team members need – her training provided tools for success and also taught me a little about myself. I’m looking forward to the next module. When evaluating budgets as they pertain to leadership development – you can’t afford not to do so! Employees want great leaders!”

Maggie Boyd, Inside Sales Manager
Human Resources Generalist
Plansee USA LLC