Organizational Development

  • Initial contact and Enquiry

    Give us a call or use the contact button on our website to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you and find out how we can best support you.

  • Understanding your goals, exchange of ideas

    Your input is essential for us. In an initial dialogue we ask quite a few questions to find out what is important to you. What are the pain points? What should change? What should be different? What vision do you have for the future?

    Understanding your goals, exchange of ideas

  • Tailormade Proposal / Concept

    Based on your goals and needs, we put our heads together and develop a concept that works best for you. Alignment with you is critical. Depending on the level of detail you need, we will discuss our proposal and make sure it addresses your needs. We have training designs, interventions and material which have been tested and proven in numerous organizational development measures around the world and strive to find the perfect match to your needs. It is our passion to develop trainings, workshops and events which touch the heart and activate the brain. We value handouts and training material, which is qualitative, creative, and multi-facetted.

    Depending on the content and the desired change, we offer a selection of licensed tools which can also be integrated into your event. In such cases, we discuss options and offer transparency on pricing and fees which are attached to such options.

  • In some cases, interviews with participants

    Depending on the change desired, we often conduct interviews with participants during the preparation phase. This is, for example, recommended in preparation for team workshops where there are lurking conflicts or different goals that clash with each other. We collect as much information as possible up front and want each person to know that their opinion counts and that they are valued and heard.

    In some cases, interviews with participants

  • Final concept and detailed planning

    We put together a detailed concept / measures and cross-check strategy and content with you at the level of detail you desire. We only send out a rough agenda to participants with time slots and general content before an event as this provides us more agility to answer questions and address unplanned content that may pop up in a training or team event.

  • Implementation: Online

    We offer a wide selection of our trainings online and call these trainings “blended learning”.  In these virtual training sessions, we blend online with our traditional face-to-face events. About a week before the event, all participants receive high quality training material per post, which allows them to take notes and record their thoughts while learning. This also helps us also reduce power point slides to an absolute bare minimum in these trainings. We prefer to work live with flipcharts and other material when conducted these blended learning sessions. Just like in our face-to-face events, blended learning sessions are designed to meet all learning preferences and involve, engage and motivate our learners. We’ll be happy to send you a digital catalogue with detail about our offers if you would like to know more.

    Implementation: Online

  • Implementation: Face-to-Face

    The heart of all our training design is based on accelerated learning and positive psychology.

    Accelerated learning means training designs which address all learning preferences.

    All our events are interactive. They involve and engage the participants. There is no sitting around, no staring at slides. We place value on having fun and meeting people where they are in their development and taking it from there.

    Positive psychology is based on the premise “other people matter”. Every single person we work with is valuable and appreciated. No one is more or less important than anyone else. This approach lays the foundation for psychological safety and ensures that everyone has a voice and that his or her voice is heard and valued.

    When we deal with conflicts in teams, for example, we know that the roots of most conflicts are that someone does not feel valued, understood, or respected. We help teams to discuss value systems and needs. We help teams heal the hurts of the past and help them move forward together as one team.

    Every single trainer has their unique personality and yet we all have at least one thing in common: we love what we do. We are trainers, coaches, and speakers because this job is our calling. We are passionate about developing people and helping companies grow. We are all grateful for the trust our clients place in us and for the chance to do what we love doing – whether it is virtual or face-to-face.

  • Follow-Up with You

    After trainings, workshops, project work, etc are carried out, we want to collect feedback from you and find out if further support is needed. Were your needs met? What went well? What can we do better next time? Are there questions or do you need any material or information from us? We place value on open and honest communication and are grateful for the feedback you provide us.

    Follow-Up with You

  • If desired: Coaching or learning assignments, learning groups after a training

    Depending on the measures carried out, it is often helpful to provide participants with a task that encourages them to implement their learnings or the tools provided in their daily lives. This is common when, for example, a training or seminar is made up of several modules as in a Leadership Development Program. Here we have handouts and tasks that help anchor the learning and accompany the transfer to daily life.

  • Sustainable change

    Our #1 priority is positive, sustainable change. The material, models, tools, and measures we have used should be implemented successfully in the lives of our participants. It is important for us that participants grasp the necessity of taking responsibility for the changes they want to have in their lives, be it personal or professional. It is also critical that they understand that a learning curve is involved. It won’t be perfect, and there may be setbacks. And the more they try, the better they will get.

    Sustainable change

Examples of Face-to-Face Learning

Lebenskunst will be happy to advise you on how you can design and deliver individual, successful training and coaching for your management team. Upon request, we can create customized coaching plans as well as international programs in German and English.

“Positive leadership” is based on the idea that “satisfied people achieve more than unsatisfied people” and is a management style derived from positive psychology.

Project Management has been on the market for about the last 35 years. During this time span it has been refined and more and more elaborate tools have been developed to help track and keep projects on schedule and in budget.

The term resilience covers all of the strengths that people use to handle life in good and bad situations. It is about consciously utilizing our own skills and individual resources, which everybody to a certain extent already has, more effectively in everyday life as well as giving weaker, less observed success factors more attention in future.

Intercultural training promotes the development of cross-cultural competence and is aimed at people who work overseas or in international teams, organizations and projects, for example.

The well-known saying “think outside the box” is easier said than done. In the hectic world we live in today – with phones ringing, constant access to emails and other communication channels – it’s quite challenging to mentally relax and focus on what you want to achieve.

Expand your range of presentation and rhetoric tools by

  • organizing content in a way that makes sense
  • keeping sight of your goals when structuring the content of your presentation

Constructive feedback from colleagues, employees, managers and even customers is a gift. It allows us to view ourselves as an outsider do and work on our weaknesses.

Real teamwork is often lacking in many companies. Team members often stumble unknowingly into typical pitfalls of human error or bad habits. These pitfalls are characterised as “the five illnesses” and are highly contagious for a team if not addressed proactively.

Conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Healthy and constructive conflict is a component of high-functioning teams. Conflict arises from differences between people; the same differences that often make diverse teams more effective than those made up of people with similar experience.

Examples of Blended Learning

In this training we‘ll show you tools, models and techniques to build your personal resiliency and show you how you can integrate them sustainably in your life.

At the very latest since global lockdowns were rolled out due to Covid-19, time and self-management have been more important than ever. Working from Home Office, now back working part of the time in the company, the ability to set priorities as well as the ability to focus on the most important topics –such things have been challenging and overwhelming for many people.

This training builds on our Resiliency Training and helps participants develop healthy coping strategies for stress and dealing with uncertainty.

The Insights Discovery Preference Profile is a personality development tool that helps individuals get to know themselves better in a positive light.

This training is made up of a selection of shorter trainings which foster leadership skills. We put together a tailormade package of trainings that best meet your needs and plan a realistic timeline.

This training shows you how to avoid these mistakes and provides you with tools and techniques to reach your project goals on time and in budget.

Several independent studies reveal that only 3% of presentations given actually inspire their audience, have a clear message and have a call for action.

This training is split into four modules, which provide you with the opportunity to experience and try out your ideas in the field of virtual collaboration.

This training builds on the Training “Virtual Collaboration” and provides you with loads of tips and tools to become even more effective as a virtual leader and to enhance the performance of your team.

This training delivers skills and techniques to build your coaching toolbox and get comfortable asking questions.

This training helps you practice and get comfortable using these four styles interchangeably.