• Gratefulness. That is what I feel every morning when I get up. Grateful that I get to what I love to do. Grateful that I get to work with such diverse customers and clients. Grateful that they place their trust in me to lead them and their companies to even greater things. And grateful to the trainer team who supports me and who are just as passionate and professional about what they do as I do. A trainer team which constantly strives for excellence in everything they do. I am passionate about what I do and only work with customers and clients where there is mutual trust and a willingness to change.

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Whitney Breer

A willingness to change and get out of one’s comfort zone are my two prerequisites to a fruitful and long-lasting business relationship. Trust in me and what I can deliver is fostered over time.

I only take on the projects and work which I know I can fully accomplish with my expertise as well as with my heart.  If your request is out of my scope of expertise I will look in my network and help you find the trainer or coach who has the knowhow you’re looking for.

Oh – and please don’t say I didn’t warn you: The first thing I do when I enter a training room is disconnect and take down the projector and screen for a power point presentation. I don’t hide behind a slide show and I don’t think learners learn effectively by staring at oodles of slides for hours on end.

My trainings are interactive, will make you smile (and quite possibly laugh) and lead to self-reflection (and this is where the change begins, right?). My ultimate goal – be it in trainings, coachings or key note speaking – to touch the heart as well as the mind and make a positive difference to every person I work with.

Here is an overview of my trainer and coaching qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science (North Carolina State University / USA)
  • Master of Arts in Adult Education (Old Dominion University / USA)
  • Master of Arts in English (Linguistics) (Old Dominion University / USA)
  • Master of Arts in HR (Personnel Development) (Technical University Kaiserslautern / Germany)

Primary Languages: English and German

Secondary Language: Japanese

If you would like to know more about my background or areas of expertise, please let me know.

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